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Investment Attraction

Retail Investment Booklet- 2016

Retail Gap Analysis 2015- Phase 1

The overall goal of the Retail Gap Analysis was to define the retail voids in the local Sylvan Lake market by understanding the retail categories that are experiencing spending leakage due to low supply within the trade area. Click HERE for the full report.

Retail Gap Analysis 2015- Phase 2

The primary objective of Phase 2 was to identify the potential opportunities and future positioning of retail nodes in Sylvan Lake based on the findings of Phase 1. Recommendations for future positioning were informed by case studies illustrating best practices in waterfront towns, as well as emerging trends in retail typologies and formats, and successful downtown revitalization efforts. Click HERE for the full report.



Sylvan Lake is Ready!

The Town of Sylvan Lake is looking to attract investment as means of diversifying the community. The Investment Attraction Strategy will accelerate the Town’s ability to attract investment, increase employment opportunities for residents and balance the residential and non-residential tax base ratio. This will be achieved by:

·         Identifying the community’s competitive advantages;

·         Recognizing opportunities and challenges;

·         Understanding gaps in infrastructure, talent, lands, etc.; and

·         Mapping the investment attraction process.

Investment Attraction Overview

The Town of Sylvan Lake adopted the Investment Attraction Strategy on November 10, 2014.  Attached HERE is an overview of the project and implementaiton plan. 

For our Business Investment & Attraction Policy, click HERE 

Business Recruitment Team

The Town of Sylvan Lake Business Recruitment Team (BRT) is a Committee of Council and works with the Economic Development Officer (EDO) to attract commercial and industrial investment to the community.  Volunteer team members provide advice to the EDO with respect to the Business Recruitment Strategy and assist with the development of a two year implementation plan.  Membership consists of community stakeholders including:

The 2016  Business Recruitment Team is comprised of:

One (1) Town of Sylvan Lake Council member – Mayor Sean McIntyre;
One (1) Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce representative – Keri Pratt;
Three (3) Business operators or entrepreneurs – Al Laplante, Paul Ventura & Chris Tornack;
Three (3) Property/landowners – Colette Barker, Doug Borrowman & Ken Scheffelmaier;
One (1) Real Estate professional (commercial sales) – Carl Stepp & Lorne Therriault;
One (1) Banking institution representative – Rama Alluri; and
Two (2) Town of Sylvan Lake staff (non-voting):
              o   Economic Development Officer – Vicki Kurz; and
              o   Planning & Development Division representative – Kim Devlin.

 The BRT has agreed on the following strategies and tactics for implementation of the BRT work plan:

·         Overcome barriers to business investment (perceived and real);
·         Create a supportive business environment; 
·         Assemble recruitment and marketing materials;
·         Design and ideal tenant mix; and
·         Identify and contact prospective tenants.

BRT success will be measured by tallying the number of new businesses acquiring a business license. Other success indicators can be obtained by calculating the total number of existing vacant buildings and storefronts filled.

For more information please contact:
Vicki Kurz, Economic Development Officer (EDO)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
403-887-1185 ext 226


Retail & Service Sector Investment

Planning & Development Handbook

For more resources, and Sylvan Lake Economic Development publications, please visit our Resource Library. 


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