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Business Licensing

The Town of Sylvan Lake requires that anyone operating a business within the Town of Sylvan Lake must have a valid Town of Sylvan Lake Business License.

pdfView the Business Licensing Bylaw 1702/2016


Business Licensing Application Forms

To apply for a business license select the application that is applicable to you:

pdfCommercial Business License Application

pdfHome Occupation Business License Application

pdfOut of Town Business License Application

Busking Business License Application

Mobile Vending Business License Application - Private Land

pdfMobile Vending Business License Application - Public Land

Secondhand Store Business License Application (Also requires Business License Application)

Special Event Business License Application

Tourist Home Business License Application


Business Licensing Fees

Standard License  Resident Non Resident
Yearly $150.00 per year 300.00 per year
Daily $30.00 per day 60.00 per day
Specific License License Fee Consultation
Busking no fee Municipal Enforcement

Mobile Vending Business Unit

Public Land

$30.00 per day - resident

$150.00 per year - resident

$60.00 per day - non resident

$300.00 per year - non resident

Alberta Health Services
Tourist Home $150.00 per year

Alberta Health Services

Fire Department

  • All licenses (with the exception of Daily) expire on December 31st of each year
  • Any new business that has not previously held a Town of Sylvan Lake Business License will pay a prorated amount of the appropriate license fee for the balance of the year
  • In addition to a business license a mobile vending permit is also required



Those Exempt from Having to Obtain a Business License

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Home of a Foster Parent
  • Approved Family Day Home
  • Home Catalogue Sales
  • Operators of a stall within a Farmers Market
  • A business that is operated by the Town or by an official acting on behalf of the Town
  • Any business that is exempt under Provincial or Federal legislation
  • Busker

The Following Offices Due to Their Professional Affiliations:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Architects (Architectural Services)
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants





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