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Strategic Plan

This summer, Council attended a Visioning Session. The following is a result of their two day workshop. We invite the public to review the Vision, Mission, and Goals of Council and provide feedback! Under "General Feedback" on our online feedback form, please let us know what three year goals are of value to you; maybe you have goals of your own, or goals you disagree with. How do you feel about our Vision Statement and Mission? Let us know HERE. We also have feedback forms available in a hard copy at the Municipal Government Building- 5012 48 Ave. 

View the full Strategic Plan Document HERE:
Sylvan Lake Town Council Strategic Plan 2016 Status Report

The following Vision Statement emerged through the dialogue of Council:

The Town of Sylvan Lake is a vibrant lakeside community with a high quality of living that respects the environment, provides diverse economic opportunities, and values efficient, inclusive and transparent government.

  • Sylvan Lake has informed citizens that are active contributors to the growth and development of our progressive community.
  • Sylvan Lake has cultural and recreational facilities that serve our growing population.
  • Sylvan Lake has a strong commercial and light industrial sector that provides balanced and sustainable taxation.
  • Sylvan Lake has water, waste water and transportation infrastructure that support future needs.
  • Sylvan Lake has health, education, social services and housing that meet the diverse needs of our residents.
  • Sylvan Lake enjoys a network of parks, trails and sidewalks with comprehensive connectivity throughout our community.

A mission statement captures the reason that the Municipality of the Town of Sylvan Lake exists and guides the actions of the Municipality.

Deliver responsible municipal services and infrastructure that are guided by a policy framework and leadership that contributes to the quality of life of our residents, and supports an inclusive and competitive economic climate.

  • Provide core infrastructure and services to meet the needs of our residents.
  • Support quality of life for residents through municipal services and infrastructure.
  • Deliver fiscally responsible stewardship through demonstrated leadership.
  • Ensure environmental stewardship.
  • Provide policy framework to support an inclusive and competitive economic climate.
  • Plan for our sustainable future.
  • Advocate for the needs of Sylvan Lake including those that fall outside the municipal mandate.

It is not uncommon for groups or teams to articulate a set of values or principles that will guide, influence and inform the decision making process and the manner in which they interact or respond. These values reflect beliefs or ideals that serve as a check-in to examine the manner in which a decision or communication interaction is being managed. In essence, these guiding principles or values influence how we make choices, and become a measure to inform what is or is not appropriate in our actions.

The following Guiding Principles have been developed by Council:

  • TRANSPARENT - Municipal decision-making process and communications will be transparent and understandable.
  • FISCALLY RESPONSIBILE - Financial decisions will reflect fiscal stewardship and vision.
  • ENGAGE CITIZENS – Citizen input will be sought and valued.
  • INFORMED DECISION MAKING – We will make informed decisions that advance the good of the community as a whole.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - We will strive to continually improve the manner in which we serve the public.
  • COLLABORATIVE INTERACTION – We will seek out opportunities for partnerships that support enhanced efficiencies and effectiveness of municipal services and facilities.

Recognizing that Council has now completed its first year, and reflecting on a series of priorities and strategic objectives that emerged through previous discussion of Council (earlier in its term), the following priorities have been identified by Council:

Strat Goals 2016

Again, we invite feedback, and questions via our online Feedback and Concerns Form *Choose General Feedback* from the Drop-down. We also have a hard copy of the feedback form available at the Municipal Government Building- 5012 48 Ave.

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