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Commercial & Industrial Permits

A development permit and building permit are always required for the construction, renovation or demolition of any commercial or industrial building.

A development permit may be required when a business moves to a new location. A permit is required if a change in use occurs. For example, if you operate a clothing store (Indoor Merchandise Sales) and you are moving to location that currently occupies a hair salon (Personal Service) you would require a development permit to approve the use. However, if you operate a law office and are moving into a space that currently occupies office space, a development permit would not be required. If the proposed use is not a listed use within that district, the permit cannot be approved.

If you are doing any interior renovations, a building permit may be required.

pdfCommercial, Industrial, and Institutional Development Permit Application Form


What is required to apply to change the use of a property?

*Important Please contact the Planning and Development Department to determine the zoning of the property. Staff will assist in determining whether a development permit is required.



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