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Subdivision & Zoning


Subdivision is the process of creating smaller parcels of land from a larger one. This process generally occurs on new undeveloped parcels of land but can occur on smaller existing parcels within Town. The Municipal Planning Commission is the development authority for all subdivisions.

Subdivisions are all handled through Parkland Community Planning Services (PCPS) and all applications must be made through their office. Fees are related to the number of parcels created through the subdivision process. For more information please click on the links below and for general inquiries related to the subdivision process please contact PCPS at 403-343-3394.

Subdivision Application Form

Subdivision Guidance Notes

Subdivision Approval Process

Construction Acceptance Process


Land Use Zoning

All land within the Town is divided into land use districts or zones through the Land Use Bylaw. Each zoning outlines the specific permitted and discretionary uses that could be built in that district. This helps to ensure that uses in areas of Town are compatible with one another.

If your property is not in a district that would allow your type of development or business, you may consider the rezoning process. To approve a change in zoning, Town Council must adopt an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw.

To apply for a rezoning you must fill out the Land Use Amendment application form.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment Process 

pdfLand Use Amendment Application



Land Use Districts


pdfR-1 Low Density Residential

pdfR1A Medium Lot Residential

pdfR-2 Medium Density Residential

pdfR-3 High Density Residential

pdfR-4 Manufactured Home District

pdfR-5 Narrow Lot General Residential

pdfR-5A Narrow Lot Duplex Residential


pdfCN Neighbourhood Convenience Commercial

pdfCNS Neighbourhood Shopping Centre

pdfCH Highway Commercial District

pdfI1 Light Industrial District

pdfI2 Heavy Industrial District

For more information and general inquiries related to the rezoning process please contact the Planning and Development Department at 403-887-2141.


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