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Green Programs

For more information about Waste Management, and Waste Collection, incuding Recycling, in the town of Sylvan Lake, please click HERE.


We're pleased to provide residents with our 2017Green Program Guide- Environmental Services & Initiatives (Click to view Brochure).


Rain Barrel Rebate Program

As part of our ongoing water conservation efforts, the Town of Sylvan Lake is offering residents a rebate of 50% of your rain barrel costs, up to a maximum of $50 per barrel, per utility account! All you have to do is fill out the Rain Barrel Rebate Application upon the purchase of your Rain Barrel. 

Why Collect Rainwater?

  • Raiwater is best for your plants and soil.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Utilizing rainwater helps cut down on municipal water use;
  • Cutting down on municipal water use may save you money on your annual water bill! 

It's important that you carfeully read the instructions for your Rain Barrel purchase, and set up the Barrel in a way that maximizes safe rainwater collection, and minimizes potential problems associated with overflow.

Want to learn more about how to choose and set up a rain barrel? Check out the City of Calgary, and Green Calgary's Rain Barrel Fact Sheet HERE.


Click HERE for our Rain Barrel Rebate Application 





Protecting and Caring for our Trees

Click HERE for our full Caring for Trees Guide (Brochure)

The Town would like to express our thanks to residents and business owners who water and help preserve the Town of Sylvan Lake trees. The public is encouraged to continue to contribute to the health, vitality, and survival of boulevard trees.

Trees are a major asset to a community. As we all know, trees improve air quality, influence climate moderation, and contribute to wildlife habitat; however, there are a number of things to keep in mind when considering planting a tree(s) on your property. Consider the following when preparing for a new addition to your yard:

  • What growing zone are you in and what types of trees are suitable for your location?
  • Select a healthy tree- purchase from a reliable nursery with knowledgeable staff and look for good foliage colour, and full sized, pliable yet firm leaves.
  • Plant your new tree properly- consider planting techniques and location for underground utilities, overhead power lines, possible water runoff as well as access to sun and/or shade.
  • Monitor and care for your tree’s ongoing health- fertilizing and pruning and the use of mulch must all be considered. A healthy tree is a resistant tree.

Learn how to detect pests and diseases. Black knot has been a particular concern for this region the last few years and affects tree species such as Flowering Plums, Chokecherry, and Mayday trees. Other local diseases to consider include Cottony Ash Psyllid, which attacks Manchurian and Black Ash, and the Bronze Leaf Disease, which affects certain poplars and aspens, including Swedish Aspens. When prevention fails, fast detection will prevent from disease and pest outbreaks that may ultimately affect an entire community.

The Town of Sylvan Lake asks residents and property owners to consider protecting your trees during construction, rather than removing them. We all benefit from a greener community and share a mutual appreciation for many benefits that trees bring to our environment.


Toner Cartridge Recycling

The Town receives a number of calls per year, requesting recycling opportunities for printer/toner cartridges. Here are some local options:  Print your own label and mail for free  Where to drop off printer/toner cartridges



Keep Sylvan Lake Free from Invasive Species!

Click HERE to view our Invasive Aquatic Species Quick Fact Card.

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