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Municipal Enforcement

Sylvan Lake Municipal Enforcement is recognized by the Alberta Solicitor General as an Authorized Employer of Peace Officers, pursuant to the Alberta Peace Officer Act. Sylvan Lake Community Peace Officers are regulated by the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security, and further accountable to the Provincial Minister of Justice and Attorney General, the Federal Minister of Justice and Attorney General, the Provincial Minister of Employment and Immigration, the Town of Sylvan Lake Chief Administrative Officer, and to the Mayor and Council.
 Sylvan Lake Municipal Enforcement currently consists of four Community Peace Officers and one Season By-law Officer. Community Peace Officers are employed for the purpose of enhancing, preserving and maintaining the public peace. Enforcement duties and responsibilities conducted by Peace Officers are supplemental to, and not a replacement for, police services.
Sylvan Lake Community Peace Officers are mandated through Provincial appointments to enforce the following Provincial Statutes:
·         The Dangerous Dogs Act
·         The Traffic Safety Act
·         The Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation
·         The Vehicle Equipment Regulation
·         The Operator Licensing Regulation
·         The Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation
.         The Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation
·         The Cargo Securement Standard
·         The Gaming and Liquor Act
·         The Gaming and Liquor Regulation
·         The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
·         The Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use Act
·         The Provincial Offences Procedures Act


Sylvan Lake Community Peace Officers are further mandated through Municipal designations to enforce the following Municipal Bylaws:

·         The Traffic Bylaw (1521/2009)
·         The Community Standards Bylaw (1592/2012)
·         The Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Heavy Vehicles Bylaw (1536/2010)
·         The Dog Bylaw (1504/2009)
·         The Cat Bylaw (1524/2009)
·         The Election Sign Bylaw (1427/2007)
·         The Land Use Bylaw (1555/2010)
·         The Drinking Establishment Licensing Bylaw (1429/2007)
·         The Smoke Free Bylaw (1397/2006)
·         The Fire Protection Bylaw (1584/2011)
While Sylvan Lake Community Peace Officers do not enforce the Criminal Code, they continue to be an important member of the law enforcement community in detecting criminal offences, including impaired drivers. Peace Officers have the authority to issue 24-hour suspensions to drivers whose operating abilities are impaired by alcohol or a medical condition. Peace Officers turn all criminal cases, such as impaired driving, over to the police, for further investigation.


Online Complaint System

The Town of Sylvan Lake is pleased to offer an online method of reporting  a municipal enforcement or bylaw concern. Please access the online complaint system HERE.
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Other Notable Contact Information:


RCMP Sylvan Lake – Emergency 911

RCMP administration and information (403) 858-7200

RCMP 24 hour dispatch (403) 887-3333

RCMP Website

Victim Services (403) 858-7255

Crimestoppers 1-800-222-TIPS(8477)

Crimestoppers Website

Solicitor General Website



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