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Our NexSource Centre is opening soon

*Updated February 24, 2017. Next week our facility staff will have access to the NexSource Centre and start filling swimming pools, testing systems, and building ice! We'll try and take some photos and video for you.


We're seriously serious- the NexSource Centre is scheduled to open at the end of March!

Once construction of the facility is completed, Town staff will allow themselves a few weeks to groom the facility, move in, train, and get prepared to welcome Sylvan Lakers into their new multi- recreation facility. 

We know residents have a lot of questions, and are really excited to get into the facility, but we also know that with a new facility, comes new rates, program schedules, and even a few new operating challenges. We’re going to do our best to communicate these changes, and prepare visitors of the NexSource Centre, as best we can. 

The Town of Sylvan Lake is planning weekly updates, available here at, and on Facebook @TownofSylvanLake. 

A special grand opening event is scheduled in May, with more details to follow.


Keep Sylvan Lake Free From Invasive Species

After an announcement from the Province of Manitoba indicating that Zebra Mussels- a highly invasive species- has been located in Lake Winnipeg, the Town of Sylvan Lake is reminding everyone to help keep Sylvan Lake safe! (Read the News Release re: Lake Winnipeg HERE)

  • Clean and inspect watercraft, trailers and all water-based equipment.  Remove all plants, animals or mud.  Rinse with hot water, preferably 50C (120F) or hotter, for several minutes.
  • Drain water from watercraft and all water-based equipment (motors, live wells, bilges, transom wells, nets, ballast tanks and bait buckets).
  • Dry all equipment, boots and clothing before transporting them to another water body.  Dry anything that comes into contact with water such as watercraft and gear for at least five days in the hot sun, 18 days in the spring or fall, or freeze for three days continuously if rinsing is not possible.
  • Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash and dump all water from bait buckets on land away from any water body.  Never release plants, fish or animals unless they came out of that water body and are free of any aquatic invasive species.

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